Why those from ‘Inside Job’ aren’t inside a prison

College Class Inside Prison Aims To Bring Students Together.. so we aren’t using his last name.. Nally says prison education now focuses primarily on job-training and GED programs.

There are reasons why getting a job inside the prison is a good way to survive. Here are some: You can save money – Life after prison is hard. Some prisoners never get another job. Companies do an extensive background check before they hire employees. If they find out that you were in prison, they will be hesitant to hire you.

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Of the total prison population in Norway, a little more than 30% are foreign-born, rather than Norwegian natives. The official capacity that Norway can hold inside of their prisons is 4,092 people which means that their institutions aren’t over capacity yet. They still have plenty of space to put people that they find guilty of committing a.

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This is my prison job: to sit with inmates deemed suicidal and just talk with them, and make sure they don’t try anything. Life Inside Perspectives from those who work and live in the criminal justice system.

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2014-08-05  · Crime rates are down, and prisoner populations are down. Those are the reasons cited by New York officials for their plan to close four prisons. What seems odd is that the buildings will not be sold or redeveloped – merely “closed,” to save money on staffing. So more empty prisons. Why do these facilities exist if they aren’t needed?

Most inmates work in their own prison facilities, in jobs such as maintenance or food service. These jobs pay an average of just 86 cents an hour, and are primarily designed to keep the prison running at a low cost. Others may be employed in so-called "correctional industries," where inmates.

There is only one kind of "criminal justice" job inside a prison – prison guard. Most work required inside prison is done by prisoners – food service, cleanup, laundry, light manufacture of needed goods, library services, etc. Other jobs inside are for doctors, nurses and psychologists, who are not "criminal justice" graduates per se.

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