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Vergil lengthens final syllables in -t in verb-forms only in the second, third, and fourth theses. 243 (3) Lengthening before the caesura; this occurs in nouns 1 Teachers ^ ill find a much more detailed treatment with discussion of difficult verses in ‘ The Metrical Licenqes of Vergil,’ by Harold W. Johnston (Scott, Foresman and Company).

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[-]CeaSlayah 6 points7 points8 points 4 months ago (1 child). If you think Dante and Vergil are cool, wait until you see.. PINGU AND VERGU.

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Sadly, unlike his previous exchanges, he was unable to keep taking hits and, while it wasn’t with claws, the lizard men struck with a strength that did not match their slim arms. It wasn’t much worse than getting hit by a newly risen vampire but it still wasn’t pleasant or easy to recover from.