Raccoon pictured ‘riding alligator’

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Richard Jones and his family were walking at Ocala National Forest in central Florida when a raccoon appearing to hitch a ride on the back of an alligator caught their attention. Apparently, Richard’s son was attempting to capture images of the alligators but ended up startling a raccoon. In.

I snapped a lucky picture right when the gator slipped into the water and before the raccoon jumped off and scurried away. Without the context.

The only thing cooler is the fact that just two months later we’ve already been treated to another example of epic Florida wildlife intermingling; this time in the form of this blasé raccoon, which.

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A Florida man says he snapped a picture that’s truly "only in Florida" – of a raccoon riding on top of an alligator. Richard Jones told WFTV took the photo while he and his family walked along.

OCALA, Fla. – A Palatka man said he snapped a picture of a raccoon on top of an alligator in the ocala national forest sunday morning. Richard Jones said he and his family were walking along the.

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Raccoon hitches a ride on the back of an ALLIGATOR to the amazement of passing Florida forest photographer The raccoon and the alligator were supposedly seen together in the Ocala National Forest.

This past week our viewers were greeted to images of a squirrel riding a woodpecker and now we have a raccoon standing on an alligator. A Palatka, Florida man managed to snap this incredible photo.

"The raccoon riding an alligator is the most Florida thing since mortgage fraud,"tweeted Benjamin Freed, a writer for the Washingtonian, alluding to the financial crisis that began in 2007. While Mark Di Stefano found a deeper meaning in the image: "Some days you’re the raccoon.

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