Property tax problems for customers of bankrupt lender

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While most servicers are pretty good about paying insurance and property tax bills in a timely manner, mistakes can happen. If your servicer doesn’t pay the insurance or property taxes on time, you should send a copy of the bill along with a notice of error-which is a letter describing the error-to your mortgage servicer. Be sure to include:

A personal property tax bill is mailed to a person (or business) that owned, possessed or controlled taxable property as of the lien date of January 1. The responsibility for payment of a tax bill is determined by the lien date. The personal property owner on January 1, must ensure that the taxes are paid by the due date specified.

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The tax debt must be related to a tax return that was due at least three years before the taxpayer files for bankruptcy. The due date includes any extensions , so if you request and receive an extension for your 2017 return, making it due in October 2018, you would not be able to include it in bankruptcy until at least October of 2021.

Your property tax creditor is ahead of, or superior to, your mortgage lender on your home’s title. So if the property taxes were indeed foreclosed on, your mortgage lender would have the property foreclosed out from under it as well. That would leave your lender without any collateral protecting its mortgage debt.

Selling Your Home Tax & Exclusion Requirements 2018 2019 The next day, Cochran, a pharmacist from Daniels, filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, listing assets of $397,000 with liabilities of $1.4 million. Chapter 7 allows for the sale of a debtor’s property and.

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