Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

Maybe electability isn’t about being boring. Candidates aren’t just talking about universal health care – they’re talking.

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If President Obama says, “Well, maybe I’ll go to 13,” you know, that-12-you know, that’s not too bad, because realistically we. So, to my mind, these aren’t necessarily huge things, but they’re.

Or, maybe, that's what's best for them.. The rich determine which bitter pill to shove down the throats of the 99.. At the behest of billionaire Donald Trump, Congress substantially cut taxes on the wealthy and on corporations.. Instead, they're talking about repealing the estate tax charged only to a tiny.

Trump Advisor Kudlow Says Entitlement Cuts Coming After Midterms So maybe it’s time for something so stupid it’s actually smart. We must elect the first politician powered entirely by artificial intelligence. Think about it. Why have we been electing humans to.

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A lot of people here are getting rich on it and maybe that is the difference. You also hear endlessly, usually from people who live in gated communities, that walls just don’t work. But if that is.

They’ve had great success here in Congress. the Supreme Court has too much power and that’s why you see these massive.

"They refuse to do that, and we think that that just fundamentally shows you their lack of substantive concern for issues.

Mikie Sherrill had made a promise to the people in New Jersey who had made her a member of Congress. She would try to fire. For politicians, town halls are dangerous places, too, or can be. They’re.

So, insanely, despite repeated claims that we believe in progressive and not regressive taxation, taxes really are making the rich richer. With inequality raging, they’re widening the income. took.

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It’s time for President Trump to expose McCain and the rest of Congress for the frauds and. Nevada Senator Heller. They’re all bums. They’re all thieves. They are all getting rich at our expense.

The workload they’re facing would be tough for a functional congress september 5th, 2017 at 9:01 am Just a quick note of the mass of portentous stuff on Congress’s plate as they return to DC this week.