Kaepernick Will Always Be A Loser

 · Indeed, one of Kaepernick’s biggest mistakes was that he wasted the opportunity to fully articulate what he was seeking. It became a vague thing, undefinable even for those looking for an answer. There was never going to be a clear-cut winner or loser, though it was clear that most NFL fans didn’t like the idea of an anthem protest one bit.

Let's talk about Colin Kaepernick | Chart Party I’m more or less hostile to two of those things (capitalism and democracy, both of these have been hostile to white interests), warily cautious of one of them ("freedom", certainly not always an asset to white interests) and not hostile to the other (‘God’, though the subverted religious institutions of the West range from neutral to hostile to white interests).

 · George Foreman grilled Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant about their lack of patriotism. The former heavyweight champion boxer and grill salesman slammed Kaepernick.

Colin Kaepernick is a pitiable individual. He clearly despises this country. I don’t know the circumstances of his birth, but he is supposed to be of mixed race, and he was adopted by a white family, who provided him with all the so-called "white advantages."

Avoid losers instead of seeking winners. That’s the crux of the unconventional approach. To be a non-consensus investor,

Kaepernick flaunts Black Panthers shirt and loses again as NFL ratings fall. of gauging public opinion seem to agree that a huge reason for the NFL’s lost eyeballs is 49ers quarterback Colin.

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We are always here to help!. The Real Loser in the Nike-Kaepernick Hullabaloo Nike will be fine, as will shareholders, but the public is still waiting for direction.

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There’s nothing else I could do. In Java’s words, these were all trivial tricks, and I was just a loser who has no real value.

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 · Tim is a down to earth guy, with strong morals, ethics and the brains needed to be both a role model and a leader. Kaepernick is lazy, easily influenced and somewhat of an idiot. He pulls the race card quite often, even though he was raised in a white family, who loved, nurtured and gave him more than the average American kid.