Former Newspaper Publisher, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Lender and Real Estate Agent Convicted in $20 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme

USAA Mortgage relocating jobs USAA trims jobs in wake of $850M sale of investment business. 1 / 35. Back to Gallery. Besides moving its top brass here and retaining the 300 USAA employees, Victory indicated it would add 50.

Real estate agents among 123 accused in mortgage fraud probe (6-17-2010). One of the charges Kot was convicted of involved a similar scheme from 2005 to 2006 with members of her That led to the home mortgages the investment group bought in 2006, when Kot was the sole real estate agent.

The intention of mortgage fraud is typically to receive a larger loan amount than would have been permitted if the application had been made honestly. Fraud for profit aims not to secure housing, but rather to misuse the mortgage lending process to steal cash and equity from lenders or homeowners.

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Samnang is a District of Columbia real estate developer and was formerly a realtor with Monorom Realty and Fairfax Realty in Virginia. Samnang was convicted on April 27, 2012, of conspiracy, nine counts of wire fraud, and two counts of mail fraud. He faces a maximum penalty of 20 years on each.

To pay for the mortgages, authorities say Abaji and the other defendants used straw buyers and false information – such as fake employment and income They ultimately received more than $21 million in loans, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The lenders were left with millions in losses after.

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Brenda Jackson, an escrow officer indicted in a nationwide initiative targeting mortgage fraud, was sentenced Wednesday in Las Vegas to two years in prison. Jackson also was ordered to join her co.

Mortgage brokers are like a matchmaking service: They match you, the borrower, with a lender. They review your personal financial information and look over an array of lenders and try to match you with one who will give you the best rate and terms.